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Google Maps now sends direction from PC to your Android

Ever used the Google Maps on your desktop to find your next meeting for the day? And then when you finally find your destination, you take your smartphone and take a screen shot of the map and then you make it as reference.

Well, when you update your Google Maps on your Android device, the situation will now change. This might be the best thing that happened to Google Maps yet.

Because, Google Maps search can be sent to Android device from your desktop.

GMaps-to-DeviceWhat you need to do is to go your Google Play, locate Google Maps and update it (to version 9.11.0) The update will enable the “Send to device” option from the Google Maps in your desktop.

After updating, you can now proceed and locate your destination from your desktop and when you find it, hit “Send to device“. A notification will pop-up in your Android device containing your maps details.





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