Apple is reportedly beginning iPhone testing with an on-screen fingerprint sensor

Apple isn’t the brand we know today if not for its world-class and latest tech for every launch of their iPhones. In the latest rumors, Apple is reportedly working and exploring optical Touch ID under-display, a fresh claim says that the feature is underway and might be implemented on iPhone 13.

Since most of the premium smartphones released these days have an in-display fingerprint sensor, it seems that the bandwagon might also be jumped by Apple.

Two unidentified former Apple employees have reported, according to this report by Wall Street Journal, that alongside the latest Face ID, a new optical Touch ID will be featured.

Previously, one former employee worked on Touch ID and said an optical version could be more reliable than the current ultrasonic technique. This source also said, however, that unless it proved to be as safe as the current Touch ID, Apple would not implement optical fingerprint sensing.

Touch ID is currently implemented on the iPhone SE, iPad, and MacBooks.


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