Kevler Professional Quality Audio Systems now available for the home

The professional audio systems by Kevler is now made available for home entertainment.

In a recent press launch, Kevler presented its wide range of home entertainment products in B-Hotel in Quezon City.

Jonathan Fabian, president of Digital Focus, the local distributor of Kevler said: “Kevler has always strived to deliver an impressive sound through the latest state-of-the-art technology We believe that good, quality sound helps to complete any experience — whether you’re at a concert, event, or at home enjoying a simple sound trip or movie”.

Jonathan Fabian

Kevler Home Entertainment Availability

Kevler Home Entertainment system is now available nationwide. You can check them out in Ansons Emporium, the SM Department Store, Imperial Appliances, Gaisano Mall, Metro Gaisano Department Store, the Electronics Boutique, SM Supermarket, Savers Appliances, CSI Appliance, LYR Group, NCCC, and Solidmark.

KR Active Stereo Speakers

KR-508A 300 watts, KR-510A 500 watts, and KR-512 700watts are dual speakers that include a Bluetooth connectivity, USB port for audio playback, & RCA inputs so that you can still connect your media players, gaming console and karaoke player. It has also two mic inputs.

Portable Speaker Box PS-650

This portable surround sound outdoor speaker delivers a maximum of 200 watts omnidirectional sound. It has Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, AUX and has dual-Mic inputs. It has a built-in FM radio, XLR, and RCA inputs as well. To make it more convenient, the PS-650 has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for about 4 hours of playback.

Kevler PS 650 Portable Outdoor Speaker


There are other audio products that are now available. Karaoke systems, wireless and wired microphones, passive speakers. For more details about Kevler Home Entertainment Audio Systems, you can visit Kevler Audio Video Facebook page.

Buy Kevler Home Audio Entertainment on Lazada

Alternatively, you can buy any Kevler audio products in Lazada. Check out the Kevler official store in Lazada in this link.

Kevler for home is distributed by Digital Focus Unlimited, Inc.

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