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Lenovo K5 Plus Review (Best VR Bundle)

Last updated on December 1st, 2016 at 09:10 am

Lenovo’s latest VR bundle is the K5 series — the K5 Note and the K5 Plus, with exception to the K5 which is not TheaterMax enabled. This is the Lenovo K5 Plus Review.

Official pricing of these devices is as follows: K5 Note (P11,999), K5 Plus (P8,999), and K5 (P6,999). All these are now available in stores nationwide.

The K5 series is the successor the initial offering of Lenovo with free VR headset, the K4 Note.

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What we are reviewing is the 5-incher called K5 Plus. At the price of P8,999, the K5 Plus comes with VR headset and TheaterMax controller as freebies.

K5 Plus VR Bundle

Design and build

We have to applaud Lenovo by upgrading the build of the K5 series. Coming from the all-plastic body in the A7000 and A7000 Plus models, the K5 Plus (including the two others) are now housed in a metal body.

Also, they joined the growing numbers of the brand having Rose Gold into their line-up. Other colors are also available like gray and black.

Removable back is the signature of Lenovo and dedicated card slots are still there. Two microSIM for K5 Plus and a micro SD for a maximum of 32G external storage.

In terms of build and design, Lenovo’s K5 Plus has leveled up by having a metal body which is a good thing.

You will appreciate this when you hold the K5 plus. Even the grip has improved with the matt-finished material.

Lenovo K5 Plus

On the front, you will get greeted by the 5-inch display with the noticeable bezel including the black border around it.

On top, you will the similar layout of the front-camera, the proximity sensor, and the loudspeaker. And the bottom is the capacitive buttons which are still not backlighted in this model.

K5 Plus Review

Flip it and you will see the beautiful matt finished metal cover with the visible antenna line.

K5 Plus Back

You will also see the 13MP camera with the LED flash and a noise-cancelling mic at the bottom of the camera.

K5 Plus Speakers

At the bottom is the dual-speaker grille and the Dolby logo.

K5 Plus buttons

Buttons are ergonomically located on the right side with the power button below the volume rockers. The positions of these buttons are easy to reach and to use even if you have small hands. This is because of the smaller 5-inch display.

Display, UI and Software

K5 Plus has full HD display with 441 ppi. But even on full brightness, you will have challenge viewing the display.

The full HD display provided us with great colors and no viewing angle has been observed.

K5 Plus Display

The K5 Plus (including the two others) are still running the seemingly old Android OS. It runs with Android 5.1 Lollipop and the custom Lenovo launcher on top it. Themes can be downloaded for free to customize the looks.

There is no app drawer too, therefore, you have organized your apps by grouping them either by category or by end-user taste.

We expect that Android 6.0 Marshmallow to be rolled out before the end of the year. This was confirmed by Lenovo executives during the launch.

There are few pre-installed apps which we commonly called Bloatware, but luckily we manage to uninstall few of them.

Performance, Storage, and RAM

This is common with most of the midrange device, the K5 Plus ships with only 16G internal storage. With all the pre-installed apps, OS and system files, you are left with 10G usable.

The microSD support can add more space. Up to 32G maximum can be used.

The K5 Plus has 3G of RAM and its partners, 1.5 GHz 64 Bit Snapdragon 616 octa-core CPU and Adreno 405 are all working hard to deliver a good performance.

But we observed some sluggish performance with the K5 Plus. We hope that this can be improved by software updates later on.


Even the 13-MP rear camera delivered inconsistent images. We missed the colors and sharpness of the images by the Lenovo A7000 Plus.

K5 Plus Camera

To prove it, here are some photos from the camera.

K5 Plus Sample Photo

K5 Plus Sample Photo

K5 Plus Sample Photo

K5 Plus Sample Photo

K5 Plus Sample Photo

Here’s also a quick video capture, unedited.

VR and Theathermax Controller

The VR experience is almost the same with the K4 Note. The provided VR is a budget VR and it is the same headset that they included in the K4 Note, only that this time it comes in a nice box.

K5 VR Headset

If you pay close attention to the VR experience, you will see the edges of the K5 Plus. But this is a minor concern which does not affect the performance of the virtual reality feature.

The Theatermax controller, a third-party device, is a Bluetooth device that needs to be paired to the K5 Plus. This is done swiftly. What it does is it becomes your mouse.

TheaterMax Controller


The K5 Plus could have performed better as presented on paper. But we got an inconsistent performance. The camera provided us confusion in rendering consistent colors as well.

The design and build provided us with premium looks and feel about the device. A very unassuming design with curves on the corners.

The battery 2,750 battery is not enough for a whole day affair. On mobile data, you will only last for about four hours.

Voice calls are clear as usual and LTE connectivity is never a problem.

We’ve experienced some heating issues too. When taking photos and recording videos, the K5 Plus will heat up.

What’s hot

  • Unassuming but premium design and build
  • VR and controller bundle

What’s not

  • Inferior audio playback
  • Sluggish performance
  • Inconsistent camera
  • Heating issue

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