Pia Wurtzbach shares 20-year journey towards financial stability

SUCCESS did not come easily for the model, actress, and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, but her perseverance paid off, and she became a role model for many when it came to working hard, making the right decisions, and choosing the right partners.

Pia’s career began when she began modeling and working in the entertainment world. She took work seriously even as a child because she wanted to assist her mother, who was raising her and her siblings as a single mother.

“I was very young, maybe ten years old, when I got my first ‘job’ for a cosmetics line for teenagers. Shortly after, I landed my first cover for a teen magazine at 11 years old, which was amazing. Not everyone gets to have that opportunity,” Pia recalled.

“When I realized that I could potentially support my family by earning money from the kind of modeling jobs that I did, it just became a natural thing. I never turned down a role because I needed it. I needed the job so that I could support my family. As long as I was fit for it and it didn’t require me to do anything out of my comfort zone, then it was a ‘yes’ for me,” she added.

Saving money and her future

Pia’s early life in Cagayan de Oro taught her the value of saving and spending wisely. 

“Even before I started earning money, my parents—especially my dad—taught me the value of money. He opened a bank account for me. He would make me write the withdrawal and deposit slips on my own. Manonood lang siya tapos titignan lang niya kung tama and then would ask me to make the transactions myself while he waits in the car,” Pia recalled.

“Activity namin ‘yon para matuto ako. At that time, I didn’t really think much of it, but now as an adult, I realize that these were the first steps that made me more aware of finances and expenses even if it’s just a small amount.” she said.

Her father’s lessons stayed with her for the rest of her life. Pia added that even now, 20 years after opening her first payroll account with BDO, she never spends more than she has set aside for herself and always puts money down for her future.

Pia never had a BDO Credit Card until after she won Binibining Pilipinas, believe it or not. When she became Miss Universe and her life grew chaotic, she realized she needed a credit card. Her obligations forced her to travel many times a month, and she needed to be able to access her money quickly and effortlessly. “My credit card is as important to me as my passport when I travel. It’s critical for covering my expenditures and virtually everything else I’ll need while I’m on the road.” Pia’s BDO Credit Card is a smart and valuable financial instrument as long as she maintains track of her expenses and pays her bills on time.

Pia has been looking for ways to invest some of her savings now that she has realized the financial benefits of her achievement. She didn’t know much about investing until she sought advice from BDO and learned a little more than the basics.

She has also begun to consider her long-term goals. “I’m a millennial who isn’t getting any younger,” she says. My mother is growing old. I’m also gradually accumulating more assets, such as my new condominium, and I used to travel often for work. All of these factors prompted me to purchase life, property, and travel insurance—intangibles that we need to protect our health, income, and assets for peace of mind. This epidemic taught me that we can never be prepared for every type of catastrophe, economically or otherwise, that may arise.

Pia claims that her bank is responsible for her financial security and ease. “BDO proved to be an excellent partner in assisting me with all of the necessary steps. I’ve started putting money aside for the future; I’ve obtained BDO credit cards; I’ve finally begun investing; and I’ve also scheduled my insurance with them. I’m embarking on a new journey, with fresh objectives and plans. And I’m more certain than ever that I can follow my aspirations and enjoy life to the fullest. Because I know I made the proper choice with BDO… and I’ll always select BDO.”

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