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Haier Magic Cooling Refrigerator Makes anything possible

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The Haier Magic Cooling Refrigerator is Haier Electrical Appliances Philippines, Inc.’s best-selling refrigerator.

Haier MAGIC COOLING Refrigerator “Makes a right chill” with its flexibility of usage.

It includes a “Magic room” function with a 5-in-1 chilling mode with convertible temperatures ranging from -18° to 5° to satisfy changing fresh needs. It may be achieved in three (3) fundamental modes:

  • Adjustable fridge zone that may be used as a second fridge room.
  • Adjustable freezer zone that transforms the magic chamber into the second freezing room
  • Soft freezing zone with soft freezing pro -7 for quick freezing and freshness preservation without excessive freezing

The Magic chamber, with its magical chilling technology, is a perfect zone for storing various foods such as meat and fish. Simply remove the food from the box and it is ready to cook immediately without defrosting, and it is simple to chop, slice, and process.

In addition, it is an excellent method for preserving sweets and beverages, which guarantees a taste that is both crisp and fresh.

The Twin Inverter Technology included in the Haier Magic Cooling Refrigerator helps to keep the temperature stable, which contributes to the appliance’s increased energy efficiency. This feature also helps to improve energy savings.

In addition, the aesthetic design features a contemporary and sophisticated glass appearance that is well suited for any style of kitchen decorating and contributes to the overall improvement in the appearance of any house.

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