PlayMaya: PayMaya’s all-in-one gaming experience launched


PayMaya continues to inspire Filipinos’ digital lives with the debut of PlayMaya, a ground-breaking in-app service that will elevate everyone’s gaming experience through cashless comfort and thrilling rewards.

PlayMaya introduces millions of casual players around the country to a brand new realm of gaming. Customers will use the PayMaya app to gain unique access to exciting discounts and cashback perks for in-game transactions, as well as over 290 interactive gaming items, free mini-games to enjoy, and selected content from their favorite gaming personalities.

Users can quickly access these exciting new features and rewards by simply pressing the new ‘Play’ button on the PayMaya app home screen. These exciting new features and rewards provide something for all kinds of gamers, whether they are into casual gaming, smartphone or console games, or even eSports games.

PayMaya has launched the PlayMaya Tournament to coincide with the launch of PlayMaya, which will see smartphone gamers from all over the world compete in some of the most successful mobile games today, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty Mobile, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile.

“PayMaya has always enabled the digital lifestyle of Filipinos through our fintech innovations. Earlier this year, we elevated the shopping experience of our customers with the PayMaya Mall. Now, millions of PayMaya users can gain instant access to an awesome, all-in-one gaming experience–filled with exclusive rewards, engaging games, and exciting content–just by pressing ‘Play’ on their PayMaya app,” said Heidi Garayblas, Head of Growth Marketing Partnerships for PayMaya Philippines. 

Cong TV, a prominent streamer and content producer, was launched as the official PlayMaya ambassador and was one of the first PayMaya users to experience more amazing gaming with PlayMaya. Cong TV has been using PayMaya for years to indulge cashless comfort in its gaming transactions, in addition to the other features it provides, such as bill payment and online shopping. Cong TV will now enjoy leveled-up perks and prizes for his gaming needs, no matter what kind of game he plays, thanks to the recently introduced PlayMaya app.

To kick off the launch of PlayMaya with a bang, PayMaya is introducing the PlayMaya Tournament – the nationwidest e-sports tournament in the country today.

The PlayMaya tournament is introducing the best gaming experience powered by cashless payments closer to Filipino gamers even in the farthest reaches of the country by leveraging Smart Padala by PayMaya’s vast on-ground network of over 39,000 partner agents present in 92 percent of all cities and municipalities.

Teams from all over the Philippines will compete for the coveted prize pool of P2 million in three of the most successful e-sports games in the country: Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, and PUBG Mobile. PayMaya is also giving away over P4 million in prizes to the contestants. These prizes include gadgets and cash from partners realme and Smart, bringing the total prize pool for the PlayMaya Tournament to over P10 million!

Interested players can sign up for their preferred game starting on May 14 by pressing the Play button on the PayMaya app, or by registering through Smart Padala agents across the country.

To sign up using the PayMaya app, users can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the PayMaya app
  2. Tap the Play tile
  3. Tap the banner for the PlayMaya tournament registration and tap register via PayMaya app
  4. Fill out the form with the requested details
  5. After the form is submitted, wait for a tournament representative to get in touch for updates and the next steps

Players can also sign up through the Smart Padala agent in their neighborhood by following the instructions below:

  1. At the Smart Padala agent, scan the QR code on the poster for the PlayMaya tournament
  2. Tap register via Smart Padala Store
  3. Fill out the form with the requested details
  4. After the form is submitted, wait for a tournament representative to get in touch for updates and the next steps

You too can enjoy awesome gameplay with the help of PayMaya! Just download the PayMaya app and register an account for free!


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