Czech abstract painter and designer, Radim Kacer, teams up with Argomall

Abstract Art on Your Gadgets

Remember the time when Pinoys went gaga over customizing phone cases?

Abstract artist-designer from Czech Republic Radim Kacer partnered with Argomall to bring a throwback moment of that phenomenon and level it up by putting abstract art on phone cases and wallpapers.

Kacer shares his art via the digital medium. His study and work with abstract patterns in digital images led him to invent OrganikPixel technology, a method for ultra-high definition digital images.

And in 2018, he established his own brand, Radim Kacer, which is focused on making original wallpapers for screens by using OrganikPixel technology. This technique that Kacer invented can create textures in 20K resolution. And because it does not use any pattern generators, plugins or scripts, his one-of-a-kind designs cannot be easily used or copied by anyone else.

Having resided in the Philippines for some time, Kacer has experienced a glimpse of the Filipino soul. And so, he also wants Filipinos to enjoy his designs. Thus, he has teamed up with Argomall for his Yombi cases and wallpapers, which are exclusively available in With some of Kacer’s art selling for over 100K Euros, and some of his exclusive wallpapers retailing at 100 Euros or more, this special tie-up with Argomall for matching cases and wallpapers is definitely a good and affordable deal.

Argomall chief argonaut, Karel Holub says, “In embracing this partnership, Argomall hopes other Filipinos will be inspired by Kacer’s artwork and would want their work to be featured in Argomall cases and wallpapers. And as this trend catches on, the company looks forward to seeing more Filipino-themed designs created by Kacer.”


Radim Kacer iPhone Case

Radim Kacer’s abstract artwork is currently available at Argomall for cases and wallpapers on iPhone X – (P1,690), iPhone 7 – (P1,690), and iPhone 8 – (P1,690).

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