Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Review

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Review

The Samsung Galaxy A series 2017 model is already out and you only have two choices if you are in PH: A5 or A7. Stay tuned as we share the Galaxy A5 2017 review.

The A series 2017 model was launched in PH back in January 2017.

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The A5 2017 Design & Build

You get a solid one-piece metal design with invisible antenna lines. The weird location of the speakers was copied from the J7 Prime. It is located on the right side on top of the power button. A two-piece volume rocker on the left is one of the best design up until today. You also get a 2.5D curved glass on top of the 5.2-inch full HD AMOLED display.


Display and UI

You can’t ask for more from this device. A full HD display with AMOLED technology. This will result in a super crisp and bright display.

Here’s a sample footage recorded on 1080p but reduced to 720p to optimized upload bandwidth.


Samsung smartphones including the A 2017 series are one of the great cameras installed ever. They take high-saturated and sharp images. The A5 2017 is equipped with a 16MP camera with F/1.9 on both the rear and the front.

The front camera with 16MP has not only F/1.9, the camera app by Samsung has beautification feature too. You can be so “makinis” in the final output like this sample below.


The A5 can be your daily driver. If you are into taking photos and making videos for your YouTube channel or whatnots, the A5 will deliver quality images.

During our review, the device just keeps performing without any slow down. No apps were stalled whatsoever. No reports of crashing apps as well.

Fingerprint scanner worked 95% of the time without any reported error as well.

The only comment I’d like to point out is the location of the speaker. It would have been better to put it at the bottom beside the charging port. This way you can still control the audio using your palm when watching videos.

We can’t comment on the waterproofing feature because the review unit we got does not have this feature.


If not for the price, the A5 2017 series could be a great contender in the midrange category this year. The A5 is priced at P19,900 while the other smartphones under this category are priced at P11,990.


  • Design and build4.0
  • Camera5.0
  • Software & UI4.0
  • Performance4.0
  • Price3.0
4.0Overall Score




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