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Limited time only: Smart 5G Pocket Pro WiFi device for only Php7,995

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Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), a subsidiary of PLDT wireless, is expanding access to high-speed connectivity for Filipinos with the introduction of the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro. This powerful device can connect up to 15 gadgets simultaneously to the Smart 5G network.

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Designed with professionals in mind, such as entrepreneurs and freelancers who manage multiple responsibilities and devices, the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi offers a safe and secure connection supported by Smart’s award-winning mobile network. It is ideal for individuals in fast-paced roles that require seamless connectivity for productivity on the go.

Moreover, this device allows users without a 5G-enabled smartphone to experience next-level speeds. Whether it’s streaming HD videos without interruptions, playing action-packed mobile games without lag, making crystal-clear video calls, or uploading and downloading large files instantly, the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro delivers an exceptional user experience.

Furthermore, this device eliminates the need to tether phones for extended periods to connect other gadgets, providing users with more flexibility and convenience.

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For a limited time, the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro is available at Smart Stores nationwide at a discounted price of only Php7,995, down from its original price of Php12,995. With every purchase, users will receive Php250 worth of load and a FREE car charger, allowing them to activate and connect their new Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro right away.

The Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro is available in two variations: the Evoluzn model, with a rectangular design and an LCD display, and the Genew model, with a circular design and a touchscreen LCD. Both models are equipped with the QualcommSDX62 chipset and a 5,000 mAh battery, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the day. Users can easily manage their devices using the Smart App for loading and balance checks.

Best with Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data 999

Take full advantage of the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro by utilizing Smart’s newest Unli 5G promotions, accessible through the Smart App.

To maximize your benefits, customers can opt for the Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data package, which remains valid for 30 days, at an affordable price of Php 999. Additionally, users have the option to avail the Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data package for shorter durations, such as 1 day for Php 99, 3 days for Php 149, or 7 days for Php 299.

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