Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review; Specs for keep, Pricey

To me, version 2 of any gadget is always a better version. You will expect list of features added but sometimes the core specs remains the same. This is what you will see in Sony’s RX100 II (some calls this Mark 2).


The first version was kind of plain and simple, that’s because Sony RX100 has no WiFi connectivity,  the absence of the tilting LCD, and a hotshoe for an external flash or trigger is there. But the rest of the specs are almost the same.

The package

The mandatory users manual which we only read when we find trouble and we can’t fix it anymore, warranty card, few cables – microUSB and an AC adapter for charging is included. Im not sure if it comes a free SD card, but my review unit has a 4G Verbatim SD card. It has a replaceable Li-Ion battery with 1240mAh capacity which last about after taking 400 photos.

Battery and SD card is located in one slot that is secured at the right bottom part of the camera beside the tripod port.

Some more product shots are here.

Build & Ergonomics

Its not built like a tank but Sony RX100 II is really portable and compact, then again you need to buy a pouch. It is not pocket-friendly, I tell you. Camera buttons are well located, from the power button, the shutter and zoom, the dial which you can choose several preset features of the camera. There is only one button that you will always accidentally press and you already missed that “moment” – the Movie record button. It would have been better located on top of the camera beside the shutter button, or modifying the shutter button like a long press will start movie recording.

Camera settings can be adjusted with the control fixed around the lens. So manual zooming, aperture change, shutter speed and more can be adjusted using this control ring. While you adjust settings, a display feedback is provided in the LCD. This feature is unique and is present only in most SLR cameras.

Sample photos. Wide shots are really nice and sharp

RX100 M2 focus is fast, shoot fast too when outdoors. It will disappoint you when you are indoors like shooting in a hotel or resto with dimmed lighting. Putting up the flash will make it more frustrating, it slows down focusing but image captured with the flash is not outstanding at all. Most of the wide shots in this set are taken by the Sony RX100 II.

Here’s a sample indoor shot. Out of the 100+ photos, I only got one that is worth publishing.

Recording Movies: 1080P sample shots.

It takes good video, but the mic level must be adjusted perhaps in the next software update? The recording becomes so noisy because of the loud sound the mic captures.

Now, what’s awesome with RX100 II?

Given a fair lighting condition, Sony RX100 M2 will give you the best photo coverage. The tilting LCD will save a lot in taking awkward position where you extend your arms up and still see your subject on that tilted LCD. The tilting LCD will allow you to shoot 45° downward to shoot over group or up to 84° upward. For the new media people covering events and puts up lots of photos in the Instagram, this one is the best camera for you, just download the Play Memories App from iOS or Google Play and you can transfer hi-quality photo from this camera to your tablet or smartphone. The RX100 M2 will also preview on your DLNA enabled TV.


Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II (model: DSC-RX100 II) has 20.2 MP RX Series, 3.6x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot, and a 3-inch non-touch screen LCD with WhiteMagic feature from Sony that displays true to life images. Current SRP is P 36,499.00 inclusive of tax is kind of expensive to me specially that it not perform as I am expecting it to be superb. If the price point will be in between P15,000 to P16,000 I will get this camera as my back up for my DSLR. This will take wide shots for me and record 1080P videos.

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