Sony PH launches 2018 Bravia OLED & 4K HDR TVs

SONY Philippines recently launched a new line up TV: the Bravia OLED & 4K HDR Tvs.

According to Sony, the 2018 TV line up is focused on designs, feature and user experience. Two You’ll expect these with the Sony Bravia OLED TV A8F series and the Bravia 4K HDR series.

Sony Bravia OLED TV 2018Nobuyoshi Otake, Sony PH President & Managing Director

“Our consumers expect the best entertainment experience at home in the forms of larger screens, excellent picture, and immersive sound quality. There are more expectations inside their homes because that is where shared watching experiences take place. The new Sony Bravia line-up makes this happened to your consumers with the latest premium offering with the Sony Bravia OLED A8F series and the Sony Bravia LED TV showcasing an exceptional in TV features.” said Nobuyoshi Otake, Sony Philippines Managing Director.

The Sony Bravia OLED A8F series produces an incredibly detailed picture with deep blacks, rich and realistic colors and an exceptionally wide viewing angle.

The new models are powered by X1 Extreme Processor with Acoustic Surface technology that allows the sound to come from the screen, creating an entertainment experience with a beautiful picture.

Sony Bravia OLED TV 2018

Meanwhile, the Sony BRAVIA LED TV with 4K HDR continues to deliver best selections for the market. The X9000F series, X8300F, X7500F and X7007F were also launched.

Sony Bravia OLED TV 2018

These series are also powered by X1 Extreme processor that delivers maximum picture quality and, X-Motion clarity that resolves the issues of motion blur in the larger screen TVs, keeping fast-moving images clear and smooth.

The large 4K HDR LED TVs are also Sony Android TVs, it runs the latest OS from Android the Android 8. Oreo.

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