BEWARE: BPI Express Online Fake Website Verification

Just in! As I was browsing my Facebook feeds while waiting for my recent YouTube video to upload, I found this post which is now viral. This is about BPI Express Online fake website!

The Facebook viral post looks like this and it was posted by a certain Wilson E. Alinea.

I double checked his post and found out that the website indeed is a fake website. It will only collect important information about your credit card!

The fake website link might be in your inbox too!

I am sure this screen shot came from his e-mail. Because, lo and behold I also received an email concerning my alleged BPI Credit Card!

Firstly, I don’t own one so I immediately know that this one is a fake e-mail!

And the e-mail sent to me contains different URL.

But, to those who own a BPI Credit Card, please be cautious enough! Don’t just click and give away your credit card information!

The email bait

Here’s what I got from my Gmail inbox just tonight.

From the email header, it looks legitimate because you see the email address. And the reminder looks true also!

But the link that says “CONFIRM MY CREDIT CARD” contains the fake link!

When you click it, it will lead you to a certain website!

Look at the fake website!

Don’t just input your personal information! DON’T!

DOUBLE CHECK THE URL of the website!

IT IS NOT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF BPI! It is somebody else’s website! It’s fake!

Who is

Here’s what we found with a few Google research.

By going to, we looked up few details about the website. Apparently, it has been existing since 2012, and it was just updated last December. And the record shows it will expire on March 1, 2018.

The identity of the owner is hidden, but you know pretty well that BPI’s website is not this one!

And if you try to click the other links that are on the fake website, it doesn’t just work!

So beware guys! 

Do not ever click a link from an anonymous e-mail sender. Always double check and apply precautionary measure.

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