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Investments - Subscription and Redemption

Last updated on March 31st, 2020 at 03:10 pm

I have a confession to make.

I got addicted to online shopping in 2019. My online purchases were so frequent blame it to the hassle-free way of doing it.

But I am re-calibrating my goals for 2020 — Invest more instead of Shop more. And I can simply do it almost the same as I do online shopping.

Let me share with you how it’s done within the BPI Mobile app.

Seamless Experience

If you have the NEW BPI Mobile app, you’ll notice how neat it is now. Navigation from one feature to another is easier. Menus are well-organized and even the fonts are big enough which is very eye-friendly.

From the Main Menu, you can already do a lot of things — Transfer funds, pay bills, do Account Maintenance, Enrol Fingerprint (for select smartphones only), call BPI Customer Service, and most of all, my favorite, Investments.

The best part of the BPI Mobile app experience is that when you log in on your desktop, the user experience is almost the same. 

You will see the same UI (user interface). 

This seamless experience creates confidence for BPI users. Now I don’t have to get lost when using both the mobile app and the website. 

BPI Investments

I want to focus on BPI Investments this year. I want to subsequently add more, a little as it may be, to my 2-year portfolio with BPI.

Step 1.

To invest in any of the BPI’s investment products, you simply click the three-line red icon on the upper left of the mobile app. 

Step 2.

Click the Investments tab to reveal two other options – Subscribe and Redeem. See illustration below:

From there, you can already subscribe to BPI investment products such as UITF and Mutual Funds.

To learn more about BPI UITF kindly check this link –

Step 3.

Select which account would you like to use in the UITF investment. As for me, it is the default account since I only have one account with BPI.

Step 4.

Select from the list of available UITF products.

And don’t forget to tick the risk disclosure approval.

Step 5.

Enter the initial amount of your investment and you are done.

To top-up, just repeat the same process up to step 3 and then choose which product you want to put additional funds to.

Make this a regular habit, at least every time you get your salary, and you will surely retire happy and with lots of money from your investment.

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