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foodpanda’s pandaPatrol hits the road to engage and assist delivery partners

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foodpanda introduced its pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels, a foodpanda-branded bus that will travel to numerous provinces and cities nationwide to interact with its Ka-panda delivery partners.

The pink-colored coaster will stop at certain gas stations and will have engaging games and activities for Ka-panda partner riders, bikers, e-scooters, and walkers to enjoy.

The roadshow began this month in Metro Manila and will travel to Luzon provinces and places in Visayas and Mindanao until the end of the year.

At the official launch last April 28, foodpanda Philippines operations director Patricia Jacinto stated that the initiative aims to strengthen its commitment to supporting and assisting its delivery partners while driving engagement for its Ka-pandas.

“We wanted to bring the experience closer to our Ka-pandas by visiting them in their local provinces and cities,” Jacinto said. 

In addition to the interactive and amusing games on the ground, the pandaPatrol coaster will generally serve as a support point for delivery partners, where they can meet with foodpanda employees in person to address any concerns on the scene. “Right then and there, we can hear them out and provide the proper solution to their problems – whether they are experiencing technical issues with their accounts, require support with their delivery sessions, or simply want to provide feedback for process improvement.”

Additional activities include redeeming exclusive merchandise and other items from their Bamboo points, which are earned through foodpanda’s rewards program for partner riders. They can earn points for fulfilling specified tasks or making successful deliveries. In addition, interested applicants can apply onsite to become a member of the Ka-panda community.

Aside from these, on-ground booths for fodpanda’s partners for rider support and assistance are present during the roadshow so Ka-pandas can learn about and take advantage of the various initiatives and services available to them.

Jacinto also disclosed that numerous initiatives and programs were implemented to increase efforts to support and engage Ka-pandas. They recently finished their annual panda legends online event, bringing partner riders together for friendly competition and the chance to win incredible prizes.

The online food and grocery platform has added Pag-IBIG Fund and the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) to its roster of government partners to help its delivery partners access the government’s social security programs and perks.

Foodpanda has also launched a campaign to match every tip earned by riders on the app to express appreciation for the hard work of their Ka-pandas. During the campaign, they received twice as many tips, with 100% credited to their accounts.

With the pandaPatrol: Hubs on Wheels on the road to spread cheer and support, foodpanda continues to make a difference in the lives of its Ka-pandas.

So if you spot the pandaPatrol in your local area, give them a wave and a smile to show your support for these dedicated delivery partners who help bring joy to your doorstep.

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