Fujifilm PH launches Mirrorless Revolution Promo

For the growing fans and supporters of Fujifilm Mirrorless cameras, another promo is brewing up and coming up very soon!

The Mirrorless Revolution promo was already unveiled yesterday and according to Maan Alcantara, the Marketing Manager of Fujifilm Philippines, they are just waiting for the approval of DTI and they will announce the promo.

Fujfilm Mirrorless Revolution

Announced at the official presentation of the sixth X Photographer, Xyza Cruz Bacani, the DH street photographer who works in Hong Kong, Fujifilm is giving away vouchers for buyers of select Fujifilm X cameras.

Fujifilm PH Mirrorless Revolution Promo

The promo is valid for Fujifilm X-T1, X-E2, X100T, and X30 cameras.

For every purchase of X-T1 or X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition, you get a cash voucher of P15,000. If you buy X-E2 or X100T, you get a cash voucher of P10,000 and for X30 you get P5,000.

All cash vouchers can be used to purchase other Fujifilm items such as lenses and accessories.

But wait, there’s more!

Fujifilm also announced that if you just traded your DSLR, you also get P5,000 cash voucher!

Here’s how you qualify for the Fujifilm Mirrorless Trade-In Promo.

Just provide Fujifilm Philippines the proof of selling, that includes a picture of you and buyer, and an acknowledgement receipt written on a piece of paper. If these are complete, you should go to Fujifilm Philippines office and you will get the cash voucher.

All cash vouchers are valid for one year.

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