Guides to the 2010 Elections

Time for public service.

13 days to go, we will choose the leaders who will either make or break this beloved country, the Philippines. The next six (6) years will be very crucial, and on May 10, it will be the only day we can exercise our right to Vote!

Here are some guides that may help you as early as now.

The Modern Ballot is illustrated below, Image is courtesy of James Jimenez’s blog.

Image lifted from James Jimenez blog

All of us who are online most of time, the new system could be just easy; information are just in our finger tips. But for our loved-ones, friends and alike in the province who may not have access to information the way we do, we can help them. We can find their precincts for them, and guide them on how to fill up the new ballot.

Finally, FIND YOUR PRECINT NOW before the Comelec Website goes down due to traffic overload!


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