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High-Resolution Audio showcased by Sony PH

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Sony Sound Workshop launches the latest line up of high resolution audio products. Sony showed us the latest headphones, Walkman players and speaker systems that features High-Resolution Audio.



“At Sony we commit ourselves to finding out what the latest trends are in the industry so we use our expertise in technology to create new products that are meant to elevate our customers’ experiences. With our new High-Resolution personal Audio products, we want our customers to only hear the very best in its highest form,” said Nobuyoshi Otake, President & Managing Director, Sony Philippines.

High-Resolution Audio, or Hi-Res Audio in short, represents the highest audio quality recording that is available with today’s technology. With a sampling of 96kHz/24bit or higher, Hi-Res Audio has made it possible for listeners to hear the tracks of their favourite artists exactly as they were intended to be heard – with no compromise. It represents the closest sample that music has ever come to the original source, and sound engineers and musicians alike recognize this as they continue to create music using only highest form of quality available

The quality of music has continued to evolve from the early days of compact disc (CD) and MP3s, according to Sony the potential is there as storage media costs continue to decrease and internet speeds get faster and faster; and the ability to have music in its purest form wherever we are has never been greater. Sony believes that Hi-Res Audio will only advance from here and they have committed themselves to provide only the best for their customers’ ears.


The Sony Sound Workshop featured the latest line-up of Hi-Res Audio products from Sony including their award-winning SRS-X9 Wireless Speakers, which was recently recognized by What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, the a leading independent guide to buying and owning hi-fi and home entertainment products. The SRS-X9 Wireless Speakers promises a seamless listening experience of harmonious highs, beautiful bass, form, and function. Made possible with its seven-unit speaker, listeners will never miss a beat with its full range of sound – from ultra-high frequencies for soaring harmonies to deep and resonant bass.

Sony also featured their other Personal Audio products, such as their MDR-ZX750BN wireless headphones which highlighted Sony’s pioneering Bluetooth and noise cancelling technology. Although not supported by Hi-Res Audio, Sony also proved how they continue to revamp their Personal Audio line-up, harping on their rich history of audio innovation.

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