The iPhone XR is now available in the Philippines

The third among the new iPhone released this year, the XR is already available in the Philippines.

iPhone XR Beyond The Box Pricing

The new iPhone XR 64GB is priced at P52,490; 128GB is at P55,490; and 256GB at P62,490. All these variants are available now for 24 months 0% installment with Unionbank, Security Bank, Metrobank, BPI, Eastwest Bank, PNB, and Citibank. They are also available for up to 12 months 0% with BDO.

iPhone XR Globe Postpaid Offer

Monthly Device Cashout for iPhone XR (24 months)
ThePLAN 64GB 128GB 256GB
599 P1,800 P1,925 P2,200
799 P1,750 P1,875 P2,150
999 P1,525 P1,675 P1,925
1299 P1,475 P1,625 P1,875
1499 P1,425 P1,575 P1,825
1799 P1,100 P1,225 P1,475
1999 P1,100 P1,225 P1,475
2499 P725 P875 P1,100
2999 P725 P875 P1,100

The mathematics.

To get the total monthly installment fee, add the monthly device cash-out with the monthly plan value. Here’s how it goes:  For iPhone XR 128GB with ThePLAN 1799 P1,225 (Monthly Device Cashout) + P1,799 (Monthly Plan Value) = P3,024 Total Monthly Cashout.

iPhone XR Smart (GigaX Plans)

GigaX Plan 599 P42,599.00 initial cash out
P599.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)
GigaX Plan 799 P41,299.00 initial cash out
P799.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)
GigaX Plan 999 P35,499.00 initial cash out
P999.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)
Giga X Plan 1499 P27,899.00 initial cash out
P1,499.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)
GigaX Plan 1999 P23,599.00 initial cash out
P1,999.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)
GigaX Plan 2499 P9,297.00 initial cash out
P3,099.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)
Add to cart
P16,899.00 initial cash out
P2,499.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)
GigaX Plan 2999 P12,599.00 initial cash out
P2,999.00 monthly payment (24-month contract)

Official iPhone XR Retail Price

If you buy the iPhone XR from the online store of Apple (Philippines), here’s the official price tag.

  • 64GB – P50,990
  • 128GB – P63,990
  • 256GB – P60,490

You’ll get your iPhone within one business day delivery schedule.


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