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itel Vision 3 Review

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It’s our first time collaborating with this smartphone company, itel, which, according to a simple online search, has an official store on Lazada’s LazMall. This indicates that you are working with a legitimate business. That’s very important because you may need customer support in the future.

Before we move forward, I’d like to put this in the spotlight. If you need a cost-effective, price-friendly, fast charge, big battery, you should put this smartphone that has 100 days replacement warranty on your shortlist.

The brand sent us their latest smartphone, the itel Vision 3 for us to test and share with you our observations & feedback, hence the itel Vision 3 Review article.


Like the other players, the itel Vision 3 that we are reviewing comes with all the “standard” accessories you’ll expect from a smartphone. Here’s what the retail package looks like.

A red box coupled with red-themed wired earphones, micro USB cable, an 18W fast charger, a heavy-duty transparent casing, manuals, and the phone.

Overall, the retail pack comes with everything that you need plus more!

itel Vision 3 specs

Click here to see the complete specs & pricing of the itel Vision 3

Build & design

The design is surprisingly impressive & presentable given the retail price of only P3,999. ()

It has not as heavy as I was expecting, it weighs only 192 grams.

The fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, as well as the micro-USB connector, were also features I expected.

All the other parts are present as you would expect in the popular entry-level and midrange phones of the other brands.

There’s a 3.5mm audio port, a single down-firing speaker, the volume rocker, and the power button, which is conveniently situated on the right side of the phone.

Overall, the design and build of the itel Vision 3 can go to war with the ones in the market today at very competitive pricing.

Display & UI

Coming to the display of the phone, the Vision 3 has bright colors and a very intuitive UI. The apps are organized using an app drawer but the icons seem to be dull and kind of boring to look at.

It has unwanted apps that come pre-installed, but you can always uninstall them so that the phone’s performance can improve better given that it has only 2GB RAM.


Here’s a quick tip so that you can enjoy this phone, should you decide to buy it.

Install only the apps that you need, and keep it simple. I’d like to remind you that this phone is powered by UNISOC S9863A, Octa-core and comes with 2GB of RAM only.

There’s a dual-SIM which you may enjoy if you are that kind of person who has multiple SIM cards. The storage is limited as well at 32GB only. After initial setup, the usable storage is down to 20.1GB.

But wait, there’s more. The microSD card slot is always there to rescue you in case you need more storage. You can stuff up to 128GB microSD card to boost your external storage. Now you can shoot more photos and record more videos for your Tiktok and Reels! Cheers!


As mentioned above, you need to set your expectation about this phone. This is a basic entry-level phone. The rear camera has 8MP main shooter. It takes decent photos for documentation, but don’t expect it to be spectacular.

The same would be true for the front camera.

I am not saying that all the camera on the phone is bad at all. You can still take great photos for your documentation, social media posts, and more.

Overall performance

The itel Vision 3 is a phone for a specific market. It is usable and will serve the right users, so to speak.

The overall design is very satisfactory, the UI and OS are all good, and the packaging is neat and looks premium.

The price is already a steal at only P3,999. And if you are lucky enough, you could get a Lazada discount voucher before you check out the product.

7 Things you need to know

  1. This phone is for a specific niche market, for basic office use perhaps instead of using the landline, you can use this.
  2. The design is on par with the popular brands.
  3. The battery is huge, therefore you can enjoy using it for more than a day.
  4. The charger is 18W fast charger, it’s a great advantage to have 18W fast charger at this cheap and affordable price. Note that big brands no longer include charger in the retail package. So this alone is a great advantage.
  5. The audio playback is nice. It doesn’t sound cheap, has solid audio and it is not annoying to listen to.
  6. A respectable warranty
  7. Entry-level phones are not bad at all so with the itel Vision 3.

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