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Improved chiller maintenance experience with LG’s Total Maintenance Service

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Centrifugal chillers are very important in large commercial buildings, where keeping the temperature just right and ensuring enough cooling is paramount. These remarkable technological advances make it possible to create large-scale cooling systems that work well and use less energy. Centrifugal chillers are the unsung heroes of big shopping malls and tall skyscrapers. They work quietly behind the scenes to make places comfortable and help with efforts to be more environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest shopping chains in the world, SM Malls, has more than 90 malls and knows how important it is to keep things cool. The SM North EDSA North Tower shows how large-scale cooling in a business should be done. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, has strict rules for the whole building. LEED is the most popular way to rate facilities’ greenness.

The building is 1.75 hectares and has a gross floor area of 33.4 hectares. The whole area is kept cool by nine LG water cooler chillers that cost 1,000 TR each. LG was the only company to meet the efficiency requirement of 0.519 kilowatts per tonne, so SM went with them. The centrifugal chiller works very well because it has a two-stage compressor. The new two-stage centrifugal chiller uses less energy and costs less to run than the old one, which only has one compression stage. It also has a variable diffuser that gives it a more comprehensive range of operation at low loads and keeps the gas from stopping so it can run smoothly. The stable operation helps keep costs low and helps keep costs down. This is because a good partial load system makes the most of energy even when the loads are very light.

LG’s TMS, which stands for “Total Maintenance Service,” is a big reason why its commercial cooling is so popular. LG Total Maintenance Service lets LG keep an eye on HVAC devices wherever they are, in real-time. This solution uses LG’s cloud service to find out how well the system works and how it works. Engineers can do predictive maintenance by monitoring systems 24 hours a day. This speeds up maintenance and repairs and cuts down on the time the system is down. Then, solutions to system failures can be implemented quickly, so engineers don’t have to go to the site more than once. Systems can be made more efficient and save energy by being watched and controlled from afar. Facility managers and service partners can also find out how the system works and how well it works by looking at detailed reports that cover multiple sites. Facility managers or end users can connect to their systems using a PC or mobile device.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are essential things that must come first in big buildings and large commercial complexes. These high-tech cooling systems keep the temperature stable and reliable but also help reduce energy use and promote sustainability. Centrifugal chillers have changed how commercial buildings are cooled by making them more comfortable and cost-effective. They can handle a lot of cooling and change to meet different needs. LG has cutting-edge cooling technology for businesses that is also good for the environment. This sets a new standard for efficiency and protecting the environment.

LG air conditioning has a wide range of high-tech systems that give buildings worldwide great heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Each industry and climate is taken into account when making these systems. LG has unmatched expertise, and industry knowledge lets it directly meet the needs of businesses that want digitalized and eco-friendly HVAC solutions. LG is the business partner you’ve been looking for, and we’re ready to help you and your business every step of the way by integrating our cutting-edge technology into day-to-day operations.

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