WD MyCloud Review; 3TB of personal cloud storage

Sure there are free cloud storage offered by Google, Dropbox, and SkyDrive. But those mentioned has limitations, they only give you as much storage and soon enough they will offer you commercial model which you are required to pay.

Western Digital has introduced a solution that will give consumer its own personal cloud. WD MyCloud was launched in PH earlier this year. We were one of the lucky one who won a 3TB. (Check our unboxing story here). WD MyCloud comes in 2TB, 3TB and 4TB. (Read the launch story here).


WD MyCloud comes with the basic stuff you need to get storage up and running. Power cable is provided, a LAN cable which requires you to connect the external storage to your home router or switch.

The power connector is designed not only for the Philippines, so it has other adapter that comes with it.


WD MyCloud has a hard plastic housing with enough air flow system. The rear part has the ports you need to connect the cloud storage to your router. A gigabit LAN port, plus, it has one USB 3.0 port, in case the existing storage is not yet enough for you. Just plug in another drive there and it will be auto-detected by the system. (I connected a 1TB external drive there full of movies, and it works fine. No need for additional install or driver).

In addition, it has Kensington lock feature, just in case you will put this in a public installation like Internet Cafe. In my case, I don’t need one.

The front has LED light which provides status of the drive.

MyCloud UI and WD MyCloud App


MyCloud provides a clean and easy to understand UI which is accessible via the browser. You can also rename the cloud storage name (in my case, I name it cloudspidey). To access it via the browser (in Mac) you have to type https://cloudspidey.local. The UI acts as your back end, you configure everything here. You can add users, determine what folder to share, firmware updates and more.

The apps which is provided in the installation CD or downloadable from WD website, is where you access your personal cloud files.


Read how to setup the MyCloud in this post.

WD MyCloud mobile apps – Android and IOS

MyCloud comes with free mobile apps downloadable both in Apps Store and Google Play 


No more complicated setup is required upon downloading the app, all you need to do is to us the login details configured from the dashboard. Alternatively, you can setup other cloud storage like dropbox and google drive with the app.

Just like other cloud services, WD MyCloud requires Internet connection, therefore there must be a decent data connectivity where you connect your WD MyCloud. Downtimes maybe experienced in case your Internet slows down.

Stream movies from MyCloud to your DLNA-enabled TV


One of the best feature I enjoyed with WD MyCloud is playing movies to my LG Smart TV. MyCloud is DLNA-enabled. No setup is required. Once the storage is powered up and online, you can see it in the Input list of the TV.

Streaming of videos is simply awesome with WD MyCloud. I have been playing 1080P movies and I only experienced few disconnection which is forgivable because this was caused by the fluctuation of the Internet connection. Router issues, not much of the storage.


WD MyCloud did not disappoint us. Uploading files were kind of slow, but remember it is our personal cloud and it depends on our home internet connection. We tried transferring about 40G of photos from my Macbook Air while I was from a coffee shop. It took me about 20 minutes or so to move all 40G of files.

I would recommend this to SMEs, professional photographers and videographers, to people who are addicted to downloading HD movies. This will make a good cloud storage also for people who has SSD storage in their laptops. We all know that SSDs are quite expensive these days and the max storage of SSDs aren’t so big. My Macbook Air for example has only 128G, so I have to transfer files to my external drive from time to time. But with the WD MyCloud in place now, all I have to to is move files from my local storage to my personal cloud storage.

WD MyCloud is design to be on table top installation. I wish that WD has provided the option for mounting it to make it more secured.

We have the WD MyCloud for almost four months now and we never encountered any serious issues or problem aside from few acceptable disconnection which not the problem of the drive, but of the local network.

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