What can you get out of your 1G/1.5G data?

FUP is hot! Or at least the latest issue when Globe implement its FUP policy of 1G daily. While Smart has 1.5G daily, but hasn’t implemented yet, most of the telcos around the globe has the same or similar policy and they are in place already.

Bad news is there is no such thing as Unlimited. Even the unli-rice in your fave fastfood chain is not true. Unlimited offer is for limited time only, that is why it is filed under promo. They can renew and extend it or stop it anytime.

So lets try to see what can you get our of your 1 Gigabyte or 1.5 Gigabyte of data.

Here is a table that presents approximate Internet usage.

1 hour of IM  0.25-1MB
1 hour of web browsing  1.5-25MB
Download 100 emails  1-10MB
1 hour Skype call  180MB
1 hour Skype video call  219MB
Download 1 photo  0.05-2MB
Download 1 MP3  3-8MB
Download 1 film trailer (720p)  50-100MB
1 software download  5-800MB
Download 1 film  700MB-1.5GB
Streaming 1 hour of video (standard definition)  100-250MB
Streaming 1 hour of video (high definition)  1-2GB
Streaming 1 hour of audio  60-200MB


So if you are on Plan 999 with “unlimited” data or LTE; if you download one movie or a software, plus your usual social media activities – Facebook stats; Twitter, and Instagram, you will exceed more than 1G in a day.

I was telling Irwin the other day that I don’t turn on my data most of the time since I have broadband at my home office. I only turn on my data during coverage where I need to update my social media channels, but even with those “social media updates” which includes downloading e-mails, I already get about 700MB of data usage.

Here’s an infographic image from broadbandgenie.


Now if you are one of those who are likes to donwload HD movies, you need more than 1G daily since a regular movie or the SD (Standard Def.) is usually 700Mb to 1G per file. If you are broadcasting or podcasting, a standard video will cost you around 100MB.

Now about the current telco’s FUP? I guess that’s justified, otherwise you will keep on downloading torrent! LOL!

The bad news is if you get capped after 1G, and you down to 2G connectivity, there is nothing there! Really! Unless you go back to Blackberry BBM service only.

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