Dell Latitude E6430s Review

Dell PH sent us the one of the members of its Latitude family, the E6430s. Dell calls it light but in reality it is not compared to the ones in the market today. This laptop is for business people, office boys that does not require them to carry their laptop on every meetings.

The best keyword to call this latitude is toughness. It is built with quality materials that looks really “macho” when you carry it. The LED display is 14-inch housed on a 13-inch body, maximizing the wide screen display with a high def display of 1366 x 768 featuring a Anti-Glare LED-backlit. The keyboard is a standard full-featured keyboard for a laptop, it is equipped with a multi-touch pad and the one that you see in IBM laptops, the red in-keyboard pointing device, but for Dell it is colored black. Typing in its keyboard brings you back to the old standard laptop in your office – so tactile, responsive and add to it the back light which you need when you are working overtime and some of the office lights are put off already. The arrow keys are situated conveniently on the lower right side of it and it has the same size of the keys. I like it!

Dell Lattitude E6430s comes with Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors up to i7-35x0M, 4G of DDR3 SDRAM in two slots, and ships with Windows 7 Professional. The ODD is optional but who needs optical drive these days, right? The Windows Experience Index of the Dell Latitude E6430s on Windows 7 Professional 32-bit:

Battery for the E6430s comes in different choices, you can opt for the 9-cell (97Wh) Extended battery slice, but the stock battery that was sent to us is the 3-cell which lasted us for about 4hours of use with WiFi on and minimal screen brightness. The E6430s has lots of ports to boast, the bottom part of the tack back you have the SD-card port, on the right side you have the WiFi switch, 1 USB port and 1 ESATA port, mini HDMI and LAN port is also on the top right side of the laptop. The standard Kensington lock is there which are no longer present in most of the latest notebooks now specially in Ultrabooks.

On the left side of it you will find the VGA port which is quite essential for putting up the laptop for presentations, the 3.5mm audio out is right beside it in case you want to use your earphones during audio or video playback, the AC port is also there plus another USB port. The built-in speakers plays your audio files loud and clear, you would not need an external speakers in a room-type environment. The Latitude series is a BTO type of laptop, once you order you can customize the specs – from the processor, RAM including the accessories that you need like the ODD, and storage. The E5430s weighs 1.70kg with a 3-cell battery.

Verdict. In my previous company the issued laptop is Dell Vostro, it is the entry level model of Dell. It has served me very well, I had the LCD replaced one time but the performance is hands down. The Dell Latitude E6430S works the same. When I started using the review unit, it was an effortless migration, I am at home working again on a Dell laptop. If you are looking for a real work horse in the office and you do not need a elegant-type but is packed with customizable specs, you cant go wrong with Dell E6430S.


Dell Latitude E6430s Specs: Click and download it here. Base price starts at P55,100. Now available for ordering to your favorite Dell partners.


  1. Ako na "macho" pag hawak ko ang E6430s hehe! Seriously, the E6430s is a tough notebook. Customizable specs aka CTO (customize to order)..

    Check the full review below.
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