PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid Advance LTE-A Compared

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You might have read reviews, unboxing, pricing, and even different versions about PLDT’s Prepaid WiFi with LTE-A Advance. In this maiden topic of our Let’s Compare Category, we introduce two (2) of the popular PLDT’s LTE-A Home WiFi that cost P1,995 with 10GB of data for 7 days.

In case you are curious, the models of these devices are the Green Packet D2K (FT10) & Evoluzn (FX-ID5). 

If you don’t have a PLDT Home Fibr subscription yet, these devices are the best backup WiFi devices you can have at home. I said backup because WiFi devices can cause issues in different households. House A may have strong signals, but House B may have very weak signals. Furthermore, in condominium units where cement walls surround 90% of the room, this configuration may not be the best option.

Green Packet D2K (FT10) & Evoluzn (FX-ID5) specs

BrandGreen Packet D2K (FT10)Evoluzn (FX-ID5)
 PLDT Prepaid Home Wifi LTE-A with FREE 10GB powered by SmartLTE | D2KPLDT Prepaid Home Wifi LTE-A with FREE 10GB
Quick SpecsLTE-A onlyLTE-A/LTE 4G/3G/2G
 2.4Ghz only2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
 1 LAN port4 LAN ports


The Green Packet D2K (FT10) would be the best fit device for modern homes because of its non-conventional design. 

The Evoluzn (FX-ID5) however presents itself as one of the traditional designs but may fit in any location at home. You can even wall-mount it.

Both devices are limited to white-only color options in terms of color. This could be in accordance with PLDT’s standards, but I could be mistaken.

If there’s one feature that can be added to both devices, it would be the external antenna port. You would need one especially if the signal in your house is really challenging. 

Fortunately, nowadays, you can effortlessly add to cart external antennas for as low as P141. Click here to browse for the best deals on Shopee.


Even if we live in the super-modern age of technology, there is no such thing as a perfect product. One may appear to have fantastic features but perform poorly, while the other may be the exact opposite.

In this case, the Green Packet D2K (FT10) is the most attractive Home WiFi and will fit in with your other appliances, but it lacks the features you need. It only receives LTE-A signals, which means that if LTE-A isn’t available, your WiFi is dead. There is only one (1) LAN port, which means that only Dad can use the device’s wired link. Finally, the system only broadcasts on the 2.4GHz band; most modern systems also have both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands.

Here, the Evoluzn (FX-ID5) is the better choice. It has four (4) LAN ports, so not only Dad but also Ate, Kuya, and Mommy can enjoy wired connectivity. They can use either the 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz frequency for their wireless devices at home.


In terms of specs and features, the Evoluzn (FX-ID5) hands-down is the clear winner here. But aesthetically, the Green Packet D2K (FT10) is stunning as well. 

Remember that both are offered by PLDT at the same price of only P1,995. 

The decision-making will depend on what do you like to achieve — looks or performance. Both can deliver high-speed internet at home as an alternative to Home Fibr.

Bonus: The P1,995 PLDT Home WiFi by Evoluzn

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Can I buy the device directly from the manufacturer?

No. It is currently contracted by PLDT/Smart which means you can only buy it from them.

How many devices can we connect?

To be able to enjoy high-speed internet, it is recommended to connect up to 5 devices maximum.

May freebies?

Of course! It comes with 10 GB open access data valid for 7 days.

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