That common reason why a TVNS is denied of PA

The lists are out.

The LTFRB is the most talk of the town agency of the government among the growing operators of Uber and GrabCar in Manila today.

Yesterday, the board has released the first batch of approved PA. Read here — List of approved Transport Network Vehicle Services (GrabCar and Uber), Batch 1

After posting the list, there are few reactions like misspelled names and worse their names are not included in the approved list.

We waited for an answer until late this afternoon when we spotted a screen capture being shared in some Facebook group. Another list was published. This time it is the list of denied PA application of TVNS for both Uber and GrabCar.

Read here — List of denied Provisional Authority of Transport Network Vehicle Services

So then, the big question is, WHY IS MY APPLICATION DENIED?

I sent a tweet to the LTFRB chairman tonight, but I guess the government officer is already out office, therefore he can’t reply.

But, I searched the Twitter and found one answer.

A common reason of denial is that vehicle applied is more than 3 years old. TNVS vehicles should be 3 years old or newer.

Twitter user Emmaruth Adrales asked the same question as mine. She was lucky, the chairman replied to her.

Apparently, there is only one common reason. And that is 3-year old car are no longer allowed to be used in TVNS. Prior to this issue, GrabCar allows model 2009 and above. But it seems they updated their list already to comply with the ruling of the LTFRB.

Update: LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez replied to my tweet:

Photo credit: Uber Manila FB Group

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