YiLinker Philippines to launch in 10 days

YiLinker Philippines, another e-Commerce site, from China is opening its services in the Philippines this December.

YiLinker Philippines is very similar to Lazada, Zalora and other sites that offer e-Commerce trading. We did a little research and we found few proofs that they are indeed launching.

YiLinker Philippines

On Facebook

If you Google YiLinker Philippines, the search result will give you their Facebook page. The Facebook page has been put up in the late part of October and it has been gaining traction. From its initial post on October 29, the Page has now more than 12,000 fans.

YiLinker Philippines


If you visit the Yilinker website (, you will find a currency that display Philippine Peso already. But if you proceed to click buy now, you will be re-directed to a website that does the countdown to the launch of YiLinker Philippines.

YiLInker Philippines Website

Bonus . . . We got the exclusive invite for the launch!


And to add more details confirming the arrival of YiLinker in the Philippines, we got the invite for the launch of this new e-Commerce brand.

YiLinker Philippines

Currently, only Lazada and Zalora are the major players in the e-Commerce in the Philippines. While local brand Shopinas is there, the Rocket Group are dominating the industry. It is good for both the consumers who like to shop goods or items online.

The other side of the coin is for the affiliate marketers. Lazada and Zalora offer commission for those websites that post items with referral codes.

YiLinker Philippines will offer the same services — both e-commerce items and affiliate marketing model.

We will update you once the service is already up and running. We will get more information about the goods and items they will sell locally. We will find out their logistics partners, and many more.

Stay tuned about this development.

Meantime, you can check out YiLinker Philippines Facebook.

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