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Lumia 930 Review

We got the Lumia 930 for a couple of weeks to test and review. 😉

A real premium smartphone is what Lumia 930 is. Solid. Sexy. Macho. That’s how I can describe the Lumia 930 in three words.

Read my review after the break.

Lumia 930


The Lumia 930 is still on the same sleek box of Nokia. A perfect gift suggestions for executives, for bosses, business owners and the high profile personalities in Ayala Avenue and Bonifacio Global City.

The AC charger has also changed. Usually, the bundled charger is a one-piece cheap-looking charger, but Lumia 930 comes now with the standard micro-USB cable and a Nokia AC adapter.


Note though that I did not find the Nokia headset in the package that Nokia sent me. Only the Nokia Care and manual came with the box.

Buttons, ports and SIM-tray

Okay, the usual smartphones got two buttons only — the power button and the volume rocker. But the Lumia 930 has added a dedicated shutter button for the camera. From the standby mode of the phone, a long press of the button activates the camera and you can start shooting.


All three buttons — dedicated camera shutter button, power button and volume rocker are located on the right side of the phone.

At the bottom is the micro-USB port. While on top is the 3.5mm audio port and on its left side is the nano-SIM tray.


I’d like to remind future users that Lumia 930 uses nano-SIM. So if you are migrating to this phone, you have to either cut your current SIM to make it compatible with the phone or request from your telco a nano version of your SIM.

Nokia made a single block of aluminum case with a non-replaceable battery on the Lumia 930 which makes it really stunning and great-looking smartphone physically.


Lumia OS is not really for me. Let me be careful with this. It doesn’t mean that its not a good OS, there are loyal users out there of the Windows Phone OS. I have seen friends of mine that are contented and happy users of Lumia series. Perhaps, I am just comfortable with Android because I can transfer from one smartphone to another and all that I need, most importantly the contacts are seamlessly synced. But not with Lumia or any smartphone that runs Windows Phone OS.

Contacts were transferred from my Android to Lumia 930.  While it goes automatic with the Android, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it with Lumia. And they made an effort of integrating an app called Contact Transfer. It uses your Bluetooth to communicate from one phone to your Lumia 930.

Here’s a Youtube clip demonstrating Contact Transfer. I successfully transferred my contacts from my Android device to Lumia using this process.

Menus are not sorted. I don’t know what’s behind this but Lumia don’t sort the settings menu. It is cluttered that you have to scroll down to carefully look for the item you need.


I’m sure there is a good reason behind it. The tiled apps on the home screen can be customized and when you scroll to the right to see the full list of apps, it is perfectly sorted.


The camera takes great photos, shoots like a pro on low light. I am a photographer, so I know if the camera is really good or not. Lumia 930 has a good camera. Of course because it has a 20MP rear camera. Here are sample shots I took on a party with a changing light conditions.

930-sample1 930-sample2 macro-930sample

All photos posted above are un-edited, it was resized only to fit in this blog.

I have one full album of photos taken by Lumia 930 in this link. I also used Lumia 930 to take the photos of Sony Rx100 M3 and Alpha 77. You can check it here and here.

Here are sample shots taken with ambient light.

Sample video will be uploaded later. 🙂 I am currently uploading a sample in Youtube.

Notice that quality of picture in this video. Also note that the audio is still clear, crisp and did not break up at all. Most of the smartphone I tested, their audio recoding is really bad. But I got impressed with Lumia 930.

Lumia 930 gets really warm. Yup! When I say it get warm, it gets really warm that you want to put it in your fridge to cool it down. I asked Nokia Philippines about this concern and here is their reply.

We are continuously working to improve operating efficiency on all of our Lumia devices, with enhancements coming as part of the regular cycle of software updates. – Nokia Philippines

But, I offer this solution for the would-be owners of Lumia 930. Get a nice leather type or transparent casing for your 930 and you will be good. 🙂


Now you may ask, is Spidey buying a Lumia 930? Or, is Spidey sold out to Lumia 930? My answer is this — its not for me. It is for specific group of people who enjoys the Lumia technology and features. If you are after a great camera fused with a great-looking premium smarpthone, the Lumia 930 is good choice.  I say its for executives, bosses and business owners because it is not as affordable as you think. It is currently retailed at P29,990.

Lumia 930 is now out. You can check it out in Nokia stores and other leading gadget stores nationwide. You can also check the specs in this post.

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