MSI announces MSI GE63VR/73VR Raider Gaming Laptop
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MSI announces MSI GE63VR/73VR Raider Gaming Laptop

For more than 3 decades, MSI has not only focused on pioneering gaming hardware, overclocked gaming laptops, slimmest gaming laptops and Hi-Res Audio, 120Hz/3ms fast gaming display including the world’s first full-sized mechanical keyboard gaming laptop.

All these milestones are the building blocks that solidified MSI’s position as market’s 1st in Gaming.

Meet the GE63VR/73VR Raider

The NEW GE63VR/73VR Raider has been given a new identity and weaponry inspired by exotic sports cars; with more angular appeals, looking like a true game changer to enthusiastic gaming.

The Per-Key illumination of the keyboard will let you receive real time game stats like ammo levels, health levels, tool durability, and take immediate actions, gaining full control of gameplays.

This gaming laptop also has the world’s first 120Hz/3ms Advanced Gaming LCD. The GE63VR – 018PH is the only gaming laptop with 120Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time panel, this is the go-to companion you can count on to never lose a detail during chaotic game plays.

MSI is implementing Dynaudio’s Giant Speakers inside with 5x bigger full range chamber and 3x bigger speakers, that makes a gaming laptop to provide 50% more sound volume, a quality enhancement that makes the exhilarating sound like never before.

MSI GE63VR/73VR Raider Specs

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