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How to apply as Grab Express Rider

Three months ago, GrabTaxi Philippines has added a new service to their Grab Taxi and Grab Car category. Grab Express was initially introduced as door-to-door delivery service in Metro Manila. The service involves motorcycle riders who likes to earn extra income.

For a minimal fee of P80, you can send your documents, parcels and packages, gift boxes, or even food within Metro Manila. Booking a Grab Express is similar to Grab Taxi or Grab Car. You need the Grab Taxi app (which is downloadable for free at Google Play or Apple store).


Opportunity to earn additional income

Grab Taxi Philippines encourages riders who has extra time to earn as much as P10,000 in 15 days plus a guaranteed pay of P500 per day.

How to be a Be A GrabExpress Rider

GrabExpess is an on-demand pickup and delivery service. We provide express door to door delivery and courier service for documents, parcels and packages, gift boxes, or even food delivery. We’re also looking for riders who can help us make deliveries easier in Metro Manila! Interested? Check the requirements below and send us your application! [SOURCE]



  • To be qualified as GrabExpress Rider, you should have at least one (1) year employment experience in the following fields: Delivery Service, Field Sales Agent or Area Credit and Collection experience

How to apply

  1. Apply via Viber or e-mail. Contact 0915-1020083 or [email protected] .Submit a photo or scanned copy of the following: Driver’s license, Name, Mobile number
  2. Wait for e-mail or Viber acknowledgment receipt and schedule of phone interview
  3. Wait for phone interview and requirements! GrabCar will process your applications within 1 week.


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