JoyRide PH application process: The Ultimate Guide

Age requirements: 20 - 55 years old

Last updated on January 29th, 2020 at 08:41 am

Hello, ka-gulong! Kasundo ka ba? (Hello, rider! Are you with us?)

Good news to all aspiring riders of JoyRide PH. Here is the ultimate guide for the JoyRide PH online application.

But first, we have to disclose that we are not part or affiliated with JoyRide PH or any other motorcycle ride-hailing app. We are just here to provide assistance in applying as a rider.

JoyRide Driver Application Requirements

To be a qualified JouRide Kasundo (rider), you must be at least 20 years old and at most 55 years old. But if your age is from  50 – 55 years old, you need to secure a “Fit To Work” Medical Certificate submit it together with the other documentary requirements.

joyride requirements
JoyridePH Rider’s documentary requirements

In a snapshot, here are the basic requirements.

  • Motorcycle or Scooter (MC) with 100cc to 200cc displacement
  • OR/CR of the MC
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance or Barangay Clearance
  • Professional Driver’s License
  • Mobile Phone (Android Version 6.0 or Higher)
  • Authorization Letter from the Owner, if the applicant is not the registered owner of the MC
  • “Fit to Work” Medical Certificate, if you are between 50 – 55 years old

Application as a rider is done online. We will provide the link to the JoyRide Online Application link below.

Before you apply, you need to prepare copies of the documents mentioned above. You also need to prepare your SSS Number and TIN number (but this one can be optional).

Documents needed to upload

These are the required documents that you need to upload in the online application. Take a clear photo of each document to make sure it is readable.

The following documents MUST NOT BE EXPIRED during the application process.

  • NBI Clearance
  • Barangay or Police Clearance
  • Driver’s License
  • OR/CR
  • Two (2) Government-issued ID

Motorcycle and License Details

You should be familiar with your MC and your driver’s license because you need to input the correct information in the online application.

You will be asked to provide:

  • Motorcycle Brand
  • Motorcycle Model (Pls refer to the CR)
  • Model Year
  • Piston Displacement (Example: 100CC, pls refer to the CR)
  • Motorcycle Plate Number (Please input the MV FILE number, if no plate number is available)
  • Motorcycle Engine Number (Please refer to the CR)
  • Motorcycle Chassis Number
  • Motorcycle OR Expiry Date
  • Motorcycle Type (Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Clutch)
  • Driver’s License Type (Professional, Non-Professional)
  • Driver’s License Number (Please input the 11-digit without spaces)
  • Driver’s License Expiry Date

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the registration fee in JoyRide?

Joining is free.

What motorcycle is approved with JoyRide?

All MC from 100cc up to 200cc is accepted.

Can I work full time with JoyRide?

You can work either full time or part-time JoyRide rider.

How to become JoyRide rider?

Simply follow and read carefully this ultimate guide by Tech Patrol.

Pwede ba ang Non-Pro sa Joyride?


JoyRide Online Application link

If you are already prepared psychologically, physically and mentally, you can proceed now and apply online. Here’s the link to the online application:

For Angkas rider application, proceed here:

For MoveIt rider application, to follow.



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