Samsung PH launches Business Solutions

Samsung Philippines is now expanding its business line — from the usual consumer items they now have solution for enterprise and business customers. From Healthcare, Education, Financial, Retail, Banking and Hospitality — they have a solution.

Chung Lyung Lee Samsung Philippines

Chung Lung Lee, Marketing Director of Samsung Philippines introduced the new solution at their show room at the 10th Floor of Science Hub Tower 4 in McKinley CyberPark, Taguig City.

Just like HP and Dell, Samsung has joined the ballgame in providing solutions either hotels, schools, retail and banking sector.

Ireen Catane Samsung PH

“Samsung applies its global scale, innovation and deep understanding of how people use technology to deliver THE NEW BUSINESS EXPERIENCE solutions that help companies thrive in today’s dynamic and flexible economy,” Ireen Catane, SEPCO Enterprise Business Director, said.


The Samsung School Solution is a total digital education experience consisting of Samsung tablet, software and interactive whiteboard to provide better teacher to student interaction, more efficient communication and improved classroom management.


In the Healthcare industry, the Samsung new healthcare experience, medical professionals can now assist people’s health in a better way. Mobile devices will allow doctors to view and diagnose patients while they are on the move. Then records can be shared with smart tablets, which means less time doing paperwork and fewer prescription errors. It all adds up to a more efficient care environment that offers a better patient experience.


With the increasing usage of mobile devices in the office setting, Samsung KNOX combines unique application container technology to support Bring Your Own Devices and Corporate-Liable models without compromising corporate security or employee privacy. With Samsung’s SecuThru Light solution, enterprises also ensure security of printed documents in the workplace.


In the highly competitive Retail & Hospitality market, the ability to differentiate is vital. By enabling services that are more personalized and add convenience, Samsung’s new service experience can make all the difference.

Using Samsung Large Format Displays, cloud displays and tablets, customers can browse restaurant menus, act on real-time promotions and order directly. In the process, businesses can increase customer satisfaction by enhancing the elegance of the dining experience. Settling bills is also made easier with a mobile payment application that will allow diners to perform credit card transactions.

With Samsung’s NEW BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, it is now easier to engage customers with more immersive, memorable experience that help build differentiation and increase profits and empower employees with more flexible, intuitive, and personal technologies to boost collaboration, creativity and productivity, while providing businesses with solutions that are cost-effective to integrate, manage, and scale because of Samsung’s valuable tools to help drive smarter operational efficiency and management.

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